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Hey all. This is my journal. Most of it's just a bunch of random stuff.

Taiana Hanama
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Jack_Of Avalon
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tab AsheDenalinaLanatashai'ie

tab tab tab tab tab tab ╚════════►"Someday. That's a dangerous word. It's really just code for 'never"

N A M E / N I C K N A M E S tab Ashe

A G E tab 27

G E N D E R tab Female

O R I E N T A T I O N tab Straight

P O S I T I O N / J O B tab Warrior

R A C E tab Vampire Wraith

W E A P O N tab Long bow, long knife, and her claws

F O R tab A L I E N S tab O N L Y

T Y P I C A L tab P H Y S I C A L tab C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S
tab Vampire Wraiths typically have blue to green skin, though sometimes it can be purple. Their hair can be shades of blue, green or purple. They have three long claws on their feet and sometimes hands, with a long talon like claw on the outside of their feet. They have from one to four pairs of wings, and a long tuffted tail. The tail, hair, and feathers are almost always the same color, from blue, to green, to purple. They wear minimal clothing, seeing it as more restricing.

C U L T U R A L tab O V E R V I E W
tab The Vampire Wraiths consist of many seperate tribes, the majority of them are nomadic. They are known for their brightly colored tents, with their tribal tattoos design painted on the side. The cultures vary from tribe to tribe, though they all worship the same five gods. The tribe that Ashe hails from is known for it's strong warriors and long hunts. The warriors would leave for several weeks at a time, coming home with months worth of food. When the men or women pass their training to become warriors, they recieve the mark of the warrior, tribal warriors tattoo's and a gemstone that sits in the middle of the forehead and shows their status as a warrior.

L E V E L tab O F tab T E C H N O L O G Y
tab The Vampire Wraiths have little to no technology. They know about technology, and could easily gain access to it, but they have no need for it. Choosing to live a 'simpler' lifestyle.

tab N/A

H E I G H T tab 5'1"

W E I G H T tab 87lbs

S C A R S / B I R T H M A R K S tab Ashe has a long scar wrapping around her neck and traveling down the left side of her back from an incident with a wanaral, a wild animal that thrives on her planet.

T A T T O O S / P I E R C I N G S tab Ashe has her tribal warriors tattoos on her right side and forehead. She also bears the warriors stone on her forehead.

O T H E R tab P H Y S I C A L tab A P P E A R A N C E N O T E S tab Ashe's wings are actually much bigger, having a six foot wingspan.

tab tab Observant
tab tab Quiet
tab tab Easygoing
tab Ashe is a very serious warrior. But she likes to relax and have a good time when she's not out hunting. She's always listening, watching, constantly aware of her surroundings. She doesn't trust people easily, but she isn't paranoid. She's not simple, but she isn't all that complex.

tab She is skilled in archery and knife work. Her tribe does not believe in swords, so she never learned to use them. She can also fly, and knows how to use her claws when she has no weapon.

tab Ashe lived the normal life of a Wraith warrior. She obtained her tattoos and warriors gem the early age of 7, and began her hunting the next year. Her first hunt ended with her almost dying from a horrible wound by a wanaral, a creature that doesn't have a solid shape. She became much more aware of her surroundings after the attack, and grew up sooner than she should've. She quickly became one of the top providers and warriors in her clan, and was looked upon with much pride. She was out with the hunting group, it had been two weeks and they were returning home. She went to sleep in a hunters tent, and when she woke up, she was far from that tent.

S E C R E T / E X T R A
tab N/A

tab Taiana Hanama

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