My Yume Kujira CD's arrived biggrin DDDD

Here's what I've found out: Yume Kujira was written by Sei and the lyrics were written by Mashiro. Liberty was written completely by Mashiro (including the lyrics). Liberty is also officially "Liberty" and not "Liverty" as some fans think, because of an Engrish error in the PV's title and all over other websites. In the lyrics, the refrain refers to the Statue of Liberty, thus, it is officially called "Liberty".

The CD's all go with one another. The graphics on the back of the cases all are a part of the same picture. The Obis all make a picture when connected. My normal type Yume Kujira came with a heavy duty instant-photo-type picture of Sei with his signature on it (relax, its not real -probably-). I wanted Mashiro's, but I didn't even think there was going to be a photo like that, period, and I am very happy I got Sei's anyway because he is my second favorite.

The Yume Kujira CD that has the picture of the band members on the cover has a picture on the interior back cover that I had never seen before. Its like "the lost picture of the Liberty series photoshoot". I swear o.o I'll take a pic when I get the chance. The booklets of the CD's are all the same inside (drawn graphics). The use of english is sparing, unlike with The Other Side of Paradeis CD. Also, Mashiro is credited with playing the synthesizer on all tracks (well, he plays piano also, but it still didn't click in my head until I saw it listed).

DX the inside of one of my CD cases was broken, a hinge on the place where the CD/DVD goes. But other than that, my CD's arrived unscathed from YesAsia. ALMOST A FULL MONTH AFTER I ORDERED. Lol. If I have the time, hey, its alllriiight. For the price. YesAsia is also based in Hong Kong. Thank god my CD's are real!

I'm going to be ordering the normal version of Yume Kujira again. I really want that Mashiro photo. This extras photo series is printed really specially. I have never seen an extra like it before. And for $12, can you go wrong? For that kind of price, I could order one along with any other order just to round up the total of an order to qualify for free shipping on YesAsia. And hell yes the photo of Mashiro would be worth buying Yume Kujira normal edition over and over. Its printed that well. Plus, I don't know if I've ever even seen the photo as it should look online before. Based on the stock count from both YesAsia and CDJapan, I don't know if many people have ordered Yume Kujira normal edition, so it makes sense.

All in all, I am very, very pleased. Not as pleased as I would have been if I had gotten the Mashiro photo (once again XD) but despite this, I am extremely satisfied. Yume Kujira is above and beyond one of my top favorite tracks by PaRADEiS, and Liberty is also up there. For those who don't know, Yume Kujira is sung at a higher pitch, a beautiful sound comes out of Mashiro in this song over all. I close my eyes most of the time when I listen to because it is so beautiful. It is like an bell sound. Liberty is like a fun march. You can't help but dance when you listen to it loudly. It is also one of the easiest to sing along to, especially the refrain which is in English. I need to switch out my laptop's DVD player coding to play region 2 so I can watch the lives on one of the Yume Kujira extra DVD's. Are they the same lives as I have seen before? It literally remains to be seen.

And most of all? I am SO GLAD my CD's arrived!!!

Also, my CD's were not delayed because of the Quake. They were already in Hong Kong by the time the Quake happened.