I got my wish. I said, "I want to hear the PaRADEiS Albare tracks before I go on the plane." And, just five or so hours before I have to leave, the blessed person whom I usually go to for most PaRADEiS needs, posted them up on youtube.

There's 6 tracks in all, and one of them I knew I was going to enjoy more than the others. Its called Yuugure no Uta (Evening's song). Its so calming and wonderful. Completely unexpected. It reminds me of being out in the country, sitting in the field of waving long grass, the air clear and crisp, lazy relaxing nothing on your mind time. I've been listening to this 2 minute 30 something second song for about an hour, and I'm still hearing new things. For example, I just started to realize there's piano in there. So I'm listening for Mashiro's piano parts. :: freezes and listens:: I love how he always uses a good, full sounding piano and not a keyboard. The sort of voice Mashiro uses in this song is heavenly high, feminine sounding one. And I think that's him whistling in it, too, but I wouldn't be sure until I saw it live. I really hope they do a 3rd Anniversary Live DVD this year. They've released two DVD's of their Anniversary lives in previous years. I want to see Yuugure no Uta live...

Also, in other news, Sei of PaRADEiS (the lead guitarist) recently got a violin which he says he will play. I wonder what kinds of new elements this will bring to PaRADEiS' music. The whole band is just so very talented, taking out instruments from seemingly nowhere like this. Who'd have guessed that this tough looking man would know how to play the violin? It really makes me look forward to their future all the more.

Here's the song I keep listening to: Yuugure no Uta