I just got Kaya's new album which came out on 4.20.11.

This is one of the ones I was anticipating quite a bit. It has lived up to expectations and beyond. The songs which I like best are Nouvelle Mariee, Last Snow ~the Piano Version~, and Transmigration. The rest of the songs are also equally as good, but these win as favorites because of their ability to get stuck in my head and stay there.

Last Snow ~the Piano Version~ is a ballad which is sung very sweetly. The piano is smooth and wonderfully balances with the vocals to produce a delicate experience for the ears.

Nouvelle Mariee has got the most infectious bgm I've heard in years. Its got piano and an organ sound for a tragic overcast. Kaya's vocals are classic and well done. It is a neo-classical trance song for the ages.

Transmigration is a mix between cute and pretty. It flows well, and the chorus part of it is quite addicting. I want to hear it again and again. There are new types of sounds which remind me of the twirl of falling petals in a light breeze. The whole song is light and airy sounding. Also, the PV for this song is classic. Kaya looks the best he's ever looked. Ever.

I highly recommend you hear this album as soon as you can. Really, truly.