T.T things tend to find you when you are not looking. I was looking for a song that is on my top ten of favorite songs of all time, when what pops out at me but like the #2 most favorite song of mine of all time: Slipping Star by Nookicky. It just popped up on google while I was searching for this other band (Baiser) and it was all like, "take me : DD" and I was like: "wha wha wha wha wha wha????!!!" because I have been searching for Slipping Star for like 2 years with no success or even a sniff of where it could be hiding on the net.

Here's it live on youtube, but the recorded version is much more of blues feel with the bass and guitar much more stronger heard and the vocals are smooth all the way through and there's none of that annoying "ooh" voice. The drums also accent the vocals quite well in the recorded version. So here is the live version:
Slipping Star - Nookicky

You may be able to hear the recorded version on a Candy Spooky Theater website if you are very lucky. A former guitarist for CST (Zull) was in Nookicky, and many CST fans are interested in the bands of the members and former members of CST for some reason (well, no mystery really, its because the members and former members of CST are so flipping awesome, influential, and different).

Oh, I am so happyyy :: listens to the recorded version over and over again::

By the way, I'm back living in New York. But I quite enjoy airplanes now. If I don't think about them crashing while we're in the air o':