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"Paymon,I'm growing old!They're sucking my lifeout and i can't seem to stop them..You can't see them but they're there,looking every movement you take-Daniel confession
Name: Daniel
Personality Trait(Postive):Smart,Social,Funny,and thoughtful towards others
Negative Traits:Sensitive,Clumsy,and Dependent
Eyes: Pink
Hair:Brown(His ear fur part is dark brown)
Daniel Outfit
Sample of Daniel(Drawn by Gaiaonline members)
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Ps: Daniel can be dress up girly or in his original cloths.He one of the character you can make their outfit up because he honestly doesn't mind how he looks.Daniel ears are bat ears but he can also have cat-ish ears,he normally has bat wings but this is opitional which mean you don't have to.

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