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A decade ago,Our family was seperated because of a cruel & cold king.He greed for more power & land destroyed our relationship with them,even the one you had with his poor little son.The king of the northern kingdom plan a war toward us & over thrown us.Both our mother & father died after they were caught...and us..we got seperated as the town people of our kingdom and his soilder killed them all if they refused to join they're force...but here we are Paymon together again with Elix...and that our part of the story.-Abaddon telling Paymon they're story.


Personality Trait(Positive):Caring,Determined, and Friendly

Negative Trait:Greedy

Horoscope sign:pisces

Eyes:Yellow(Cat eyes)


Sample of Abaddon(Drawn by Gaiaonline members)
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Ps:Abaddon is a vampire.So,He has fangs(In case you draw him smiling)

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