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A year before they're new journey....
Xeno,The prince of the vampires or shall i say the 'New" king of the vampires.
Xeno is currently a 16 year old king by the lost of his beloved father & mother.He was caught up with hate toward who he would blame for all the problem in his life "The wolf pack".Xeno once was against them but after finding out his veins not only ran by vampire blood but by wolf blood because his now dead & forgotten mother was a wolf.Now,Xeno has joined force with a long lost friend called Kiyoko & even if he hates it he had to also help out a young wolf named Keera to make justice.How?Destroying those against them & the vampires.
A new journey....
Xeno has finally accepted who he is,now after defeating the vampires who wished to destroy him and his friends.Xeno now comes back home to his kingdom feeling like a new vampire or maybe even wolf.During his home coming parade,he notices his childhood friend Paymon who he hasn't meet since Paymon kingdom was overthrown by Xeno father in a battle years ago.
(Still updating)
Horoscope sign:Scorpian
Personality:Intelligent,Risk-taker,trustworthy,& Affectionate
Sample of Xeno(Drawn by Gaiaonline members):
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Ps:Xeno has pointy elf-looking ears because he a vampire.Xeno looks alot like the famouse FFVersus character Noctis His hairstyle but remeber to keep it also like the original drawing(Top)Noctis