(Tiff The DJ)
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"My brother wouldn't understand my needs,so the least i could do is run away..Right?"
The boy who expresses his feeling by using it on music.
Tiff is a musician & Dj at his own club called HotPink where he goes to escape his own reality.Tiff parents die in a fire when both Goro & him were just little boys,because Goro was the eldest he was stuck with taking care of his younger brother & teaching him the accient way of a samurai to Tiff,but Tiff wanted more than just be a simple samurai,Tiff wanted flashing lights and fame..There Tiff confesses to his brother Goro but his brother disagree with his way and wishes him to stay more at they're hometown but Tiff doesn't agree & disobey his older brother and run away to the city.There he opened his own club where he invites singers & he goes as a DJ.
Horoscope sign:Sagittarius
Eyes razz urple
Hair:Blond/Purple(His long sided-bangs)
Personality:Intelligent,Talkitive,Talented & Affectionate
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