1. Its obvious. Im Almeata Claire Green!! ;D (Says it on my username)
2. I got my name from my grandma from my dads side of the family. She's my favorite and is still living today ^.^
3. Im nice if your nice to me first. I mean no harm until you screw with me, or any of my friends.
4. I love asian people!! xD
5. Im a virgin <33
6. Im 16
7. Birthday is on October 20th, 1995
8. idk what im the year of, i think its the libra. Don't really care to know anyway.
9. I hate my school.
10. why? because kids are annoying as hell -.-
11.I'll be going to an animation college thats still in my state when i get out of highschool.
12. Im an artist. Not good yet but good as i wanna be for now. Check out my DA anytime! ;D
13. I like Naruto
14. I dont like to read.
15. I write in school to spittime.
16. I hate being bored.
17. I hate it when my room is messy but im too lazy to clean it.
18. I hate trashy reality shows.
19. Im a obssessed Coldplay fan <33333333333333333333
20. My avi is not suppose to be attractive
21. There are soooo many things that i do not know ;o
22. I hate U.S Hisory class.
23. I hate bugging teachers >.>
24. I hate music with cheesy lyrics.
25. My brother is Beatle obssessed while im Coldplay obssessed. Coldplay and The Beatles have alot in common! xD
26. I dont like Facebook...
27. The only actual reason why im on it is to communicate with my family members that i hardly ever see.
28. im in the 9th grade......suppose to be in the 10th but i failed Algebra crying
29. Math will always and forever will be my most hated subject.
30. I love to hear stories about how bad people changed to good!
31.Ima karma believer
32. Im black. (But not ghetto, and dont listen to hip-hop music)
33. Im very respectful and love hear others side of the story.
34. I have huge eyes that i inherited from my father.
35. I have my mothers skin complexion.
36. I got my a** from my mother ( its pretty big xDD)
37. I have big eye lashes.
38. My hair by now should aleast be long close to my shoulders ^.^
39. i love long hair.
40. I like high esteem
41. I love breath mint chewing gum in the morning before i go to school.
42.I hate disrespecful people who think they're badass.
43. I hate girls who disrespect themselves on purpose.
44. I hate guys who disrespect girls and think its alright or never admits it.
45. I hate hypocrites.
46. Its not really that easy to let go of the past if its really painful.
47. i hate it when guys flirt with me....like....eww....;o
48. I dislike the winter season
49. But i love it when its snowing because we have no school and well.....hell, its snowing lets have some FUN!!! ;D
50. i hate my house being too cold, it affects my mood ;o
51. I have to admit im abit bi-polar. One minute i wanna chat, another minute i want you to stay the hell away from me xD
52. I cant get through a porno, im not a pervert and its hella disgusting! numerous times i accidently bumped into some late night ones.
54. i bite my nails when it grow, thats why i have none ;o
55. i dont wear makeup.
56. I believe in naturality.
57. i dont wear alot of jewelry. Sometimes earrings, and a bracelet.
58. I own a blue escomo jacket.
59. I like to have my hair out all the time like a white person.
60. i like to add hearts whenever im talking to someone.
61. I love my gaia friends ;3
62. Me and my brother talk about the most stupidest s**t.
63. I live in South Carolina.
64. I hate when i procrasinate day by day by day ;o
65. I like scary movies ^_^
66. I watch asian and american horror but now im into asian.
67. Basicly anything asian intrest me ;3 haha
68. Hate being on my period. Usually my flow is very heavy and i have to wear darker clothes
69. I like girls with big breast. Though im not bi or a lesbian i just think its real sexy.
70. I hate it when pretty girls wear make-up.....
71.Im one of the shortest people in every single one of my classes xD
72. I need a latter to get to the pencil sharpner.
73. Never in my life will i do drugs, smoke, or drink achohol.......it all sounds gross and i see what it does to people.
74.I use to be obssessed with the Sims but now its gotten boring lol.
75. Nostalgia hurts!
76. I have no life -_-
77. I hustle hard in school and try my best to turn in as much assignments as i can.
78. I dont think im pretty, i think im plain.........
79. I have a wide screen TV in my room with only 100 something channels on it xD
80. Then theres a old dresser with a huge mirror i can almost see my entire self with.
81. I sleep on a nice mattress xDD
82. I use to made videos but i quitted......in every single one of them i looked ridiculous.......
83. Though i do have an oovoo account ;3
84. Like i said im on facebook but im not obssessed with it like alot of people are lol
85. Dont have much friends.
86. My favorite colors are red, blue, purple, etc
87. I dont like people who cant admit to their own guilt.
88. I love writing my storie and listening to loud music at the same time.
89. like i said. Im not hot, therefore my avi isnt hot.
90. I like the lifestyle discussion forums because it seems like people are more open minded, and serious there than anyother place. I only go to the CB whenever something random comes to mind and i wanna post it in a thread.

91. i dont judge anyone through the internet......even if i see they're pic...xD
92. i dont like it when people judge me by my appearance.....i may look kind and sweet but i have devil horns on my head too lolz
93. I have a youtube account. " Rakuonsha1" Subscribe and i'll subscribe back to you.
94. I dont like chicks that have fake boobs.......
95. I love to make cute faces (=^_^=, 8D, *^.^*
96. i love cats.
97. I dont like it when stupid guys call me "shawty"
98. I dont like it when people text or type like this " Alrite I LUV YHU" "CALL MI BACK" somethin like that lol
99. I type fast so my grammar isnt always perfect lol
100. Took me 30 minutes to complete this.


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