Resigetment Summary

1st Season basicly explains the back story of the main character Naoki Kajita and foreshadow into

the 2nd season's events. Also it reveals his history in the very first episode with his parents

abandoning him and his older brothers escape. Naoki is a 12 year old child with a dream of

becoming a fighter to help prevail justice, was inspired by the Tai Nobunaga female heroine in an

action packed manga played by an famous actress Anita Fukunaga ( appears in 2nd movie,


Though Naoki isnt any normal ninja, he's been born from a very hostile family where ancestors

were belligerant, ravenous, and blood thirsty. The family use to be the most feared people alive

until Naoki's father's generation came down and fell deeply in love with the Uchiyama sisters. They

each got married and beginned having kids. Shunsuke, dislikes the uchiyama clan because they are

what changed the kajita clan. So he, and his crew go against and try to kill the Uchiyama's with

every chance they get.

Also the storie's been completely divided by another main character named Oshima Chrono, who

believes just because his mother's been killed that he should go heartless and not care about

anything but avenging her. Also he hates his cousin Kaoru Chrono because her father is what

gottan Hiroshi to go berserk and to come home to brutally attack his mom.

Naoki doesnt agree with Oshima's standards and rules of independency and division so therefore,

at the end of the 40 episode season, Oshima and Naoki are by then mortal enemies.

Also,despite all of the happenings...the truth behind everything hides within Naoki's dark past with

his mysterious older brother who is soon going to come and curse his soul. No matter how powerful Naoki gets, power cant beat fate ,Naoki will still be destroyed by Takashi no matter how powerful he gets.