I wanted to believe that their was still good fan-fiction in the world but I was wrong. I started reading a "Beckie" fan-fiction. This type of writing is so god awful that it deserves it's own category, allow me to explain. The character Beckie Little has popped up in many of the fan-fiction stories I've read and she's the worst character ever! In every story she either dies or gets severely injured! Why? Why would you kill off the main character in a one-shot? There's nothing to be gained from it! There's no character development or complication that comes from these deaths! She apparently dies because she has nothing better to do but it gets worse! These deaths are usually caused by an easily preventable problem. In half the stories Beckie is an epileptic that has seizures whenever she gets exhausted. I understand that people with disablities are still able to contribute to society but being part of S.H.I.E.L.D is an exhausting job, maybe you could stick her in the lab or somewhere where her seizures won't cause her to get stabbed by Loki! In the last story I read Beckie has hemophilia...For those of you that were asleep during science class it would be impossible for a woman to have hemophilia! Hemophilia is a disorder that only effects men! A woman with hemophilia is about as believable as a woman with prostate cancer! It gets worse from there! Apparently this hemophiliac is allowed to fight with the Avengers! A hemophiliac could die if they hit their knee on the coffee table but screw it, let them on the battleground anyway. She dies (I'm no longer shocked at this point) and her love interest is devastated. Personally, if I was her love interest I would be relieved, natural selection at it's finest. You can read the female hemophiliac (******** reality) story here but get ready to hate fan-fiction for the rest of your life. As a result of irresponsible fan-fiction writers I will start my own fan-fiction stories. I know I can do 10x better than the stories I've posted here.