A/N: As you can see I used two different ways of writing to show translation. Let me know which on you like best. I know it's long but if no one reads it length shouldn't be a problem.

It turns out he was an investigator. I have had so much experience with investigators that I could now spot one right away. The first tell was that he made eye contact with me as soon as the blonde woman left the room. The second tell is that he moved the chair as close to my bed as possible before sitting down, an investigator likes to invade your personal space it makes the person he is interrogating uncomfortable and more cooperative. The third tell was that he subtly mimicked my body language, every time I made a movement he would mirror it in an almost unnoticeable way. “What’s your name?” He asked.

I thought for a second, he would find out sooner or later so it was best to tell him the truth now. “Bruce Banner.”

“If we search Interpol are we going to find anything?” He questioned.

“No, I’m an American.” I replied.

“You’re a long way from home.” He smirked.

“I thought the trip would lift my spirits.” I said with a half-smile.

“How would a trip to Norway in the middle of the winter lift your sprits?” He asked his voice more harsh now.

I sighed. Should I tell a half truth? That I came out here to commit suicide? If I did that wouldn’t explain why I was in a cave naked and asleep. “I…I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this…I actually came here to commit suicide…I planned to jump off a cliff but when I couldn’t bring myself to do it.” I took a shaky breath. “I got drunk and…and that’s all I remember.” I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down; the half lie was more painful than I thought it would be, the Other Guy was boiling just below the surface now.

“Are you saying you’re mentally unstable?” He asked the harshness in his voice dissipating.

“Anyone that considers suicide isn’t well but I’m not suffering from psychosis or anything like that.” I explained.

“Why did you want to end it all?” He inquired.

“Nothing is the way I expected it to be. I few years ago I had a fiancée, a promising career, and people genuinely loved and respected me. Now I have nothing. Literally nothing.” I said sorrowfully.

“We’re going to have to keep an eye on you then.” He said his voice almost soft.

I stayed in the medical infirmary for three days, many nurses, doctors, and guards had come and gone but the only one I cared about was the girl with the blonde hair. She always gave me a smile and seemed happy to be there. We could talk on and on about almost anything. I learned that her name was Mara Larson. She was a Norwegian solider and part of a search and rescue squad. One day she came in with a tall and strong man.

“Vi forstår at du er blir forfulgt av en mann ved navn Generelt Ross.” The man uttered.

“He says we know that you are being pursued by a man named General Ross.” Mara translated.

“Hvis vi ikke fortelle ham at du er her det kan bli sett på som en handling av spionasje mot USA.” The man continued.

“If we do not tell him you are here it could be seen as an act of espionage against the USA.” Mara spoke.

“Men dette Generelt Ross ikke bor du trygt i tankene. Han sier han ønsker å drepe deg.”

“This General Ross does not care about your safety. He said he wants to kill you.” Mara said.

“Han sier at du er et monster. Vi ønsker ikke å starte en krig over deg, men vi ønsker ikke å se deg drept heller.”

“General Ross says you are a monster. We do not want to start a war over you but we do not want to see you killed either.”

“Så vi sa vi holder monsteret. Han vil være vårt problem.”

“We told him we will keep this monster. He will be our problem.”

“Han var sint, men vi er glade fordi vi oppdaget at du er mer enn et monster. Du er lege og forsker! Hvis vi holde deg trygg fra denne Generelt Ross vil du arbeide i vårt laboratorium?” The man said, his voice getting a little happier.

“General Ross was mad but we were happy because we discovered that you are more than a monster, you are a doctor and scientist! Will you agree to work in our laboratory if we protect you from General Ross?” Mara translated.

I sat still. Dumbfounded by what I was hearing. I knew that an offer this generous must have a catch. “Why do you want me? Aren’t there scientists and doctors from Norway you would rather have work for you?”

Mara turned to the man and translated. The man spoke and she translated again. “We do have scientists and doctors but this is about more than your qualifications. It is not fair that you are being hunted down by this man just because you have gamma radiation poisoning.” The man continued to speak and Mara continued to translate “This General Ross is the leader of an army that has been accused to war crimes in Brazil, if we handed you over you would just be another case in The Hague.”

I felt a mix of joy and pain. I was glad that I could finally find a place that knew what I was and still wanted me but in the back of my mind I knew Ross would stop at nothing to find me. “I would love to work here but I wonder how General Ross found me.” I sighed.

Mara did the translating and the answer I received surprised me. “He found you because we told him we had you here. Talking to him was the only way we could find out who you were. We needed to make sure you weren’t a criminal.”

“Now that he knows I’m here he’ll abduct me.” I grumbled.

“We will protect you.” Mara translated. “Norway and the USA are allies, an attack on our military base is an act of war and we will make that clear to him. Now follow me, I will show you to your quarters.”

I got up and followed Mara. Our walk was awkwardly quiet, I couldn’t think of what to say. We walked down a flight of stairs and then down a narrow hallway. We stopped in front of a room that the number 122 on the door. She knocked and patiently waited. A man opened the door; he was somewhat short with messy black hair and dark eyes.

“This will be your roommate.” Mara said gesturing to me. “You are both scientists so I hope you’ll get along. Please give him your spare key.”

The man nodded and gave me a smile.

“I guess I’ll see you in two hours at the mess hall. Please get to know each other.” She said before walking away.