This is a long read but I think it's rather nice. As for the Tony/Bruce/OC oneshot, I'll try to do that later this month. Also, I'll try to find the motivation to finish my original story with my OC Mara.

Bruce sat in his office looking over the spreadsheet of his patients. Instead of seeing all the people he had saved all he could think about was the ones that didn’t make it. It was haunting him, he couldn’t sleep or feel anything knowing that so many people were suffering and dying when he should be able to help them.

“You need relief.” The head nurse said in Hindi.

Bruce didn’t even acknowledge her. He simply stayed at his desk, staring at the paper.

“Please, don’t torture yourself like this.” The nurse pleaded. “Some people are too far gone to save. Please think about how many people you’ve saved from death. There are so many people that are alive because of you!”

This time Bruce turned around to face her. “How can I ever feel better about myself, about what I do, when this area is just a constant stream of sorrow and suffering?” He asked in Hindi.

“There is more to our land than pain.” The nurse countered in a stern voice. “Come with me and see.” She demanded as she grabbed hold of his hand and led him out of the makeshift hospital. They walked down the many streets and alleys of Calcutta the nurse never letting go of his hand and striding forth with purpose. The came to a large stone structure that had been colorfully painted and had characters from Hindu mythology carved into the walls. The nurse led the doctor inside.

“I don’t think this will help.” Bruce scoffed. “I stopped asking god for favors a long time ago.”

“This isn’t to pray to the gods!” The nurse hissed. “I brought you to see this.” She explained as she nodded her head towards a group of young women in the temple. Some of them were sitting and vocalizing, others were burning incense and whispering prayers, and others were slowly dancing.

Bruce looked confused but remained quiet. He looked at the women, were they the widows of the men that had passed away in the hospital? No, they looked too young to be married. Perhaps they were giving thanks that their lovers, friends, and relatives had been saved by him? As he pondered who these women were and why the nurse had taken him to see them his eyes met with the light brown ones of a woman dancing. She smiled at him but continued to dance. Her arms sweeping in deliberate yet graceful motions. Her body spinning around causing her skirt to swirl and shimmer in the sunlight. He continued to watch becoming entranced by this young woman’s dancing. She looked him in the eyes once again and her smile seemed to become slightly brighter and more playful. She began to slowly sway her hips and then began to move them more energetically as the voices of the singing women speed up. Her arms began reaching up towards the sky before slowly before they were lowered down to hip level. Bruce felt hypnotized as his attention shifted towards her now shimmying hips. “These women…” he murmured without letting his eyes shift for a second.

“Nautch girls.” The nurse explained. “They dance in the temple to appease the deities. They are young and vibrant and strong and healthy. Think our land is still just a hellhole of sickness and misery?”

Bruce didn’t answer. He was completely spellbound by the young woman dancing. Although she was dancing for the gods Bruce felt as though he was dancing just for him. He couldn’t take his eyes off her even though he knew that staring so blatantly was probably rude and even though he told himself that the thoughts he had as he was staring at her quickly moving hips were unsafe he was completely at the mercy of this dancing temptress. Her dancing continued for quite a while. Her dance became more and more energetic and provocative with her whipping her hips, stretching her arms, and even giving playful gazes to Bruce whenever he came into her field of vision. Eventually the dance became slower; the woman’s last move was stretching her right arm out towards Bruce while her left arm was placed on her hip. Her eyes locked with his. The singing was over, her dance had finished and now she was walking towards him. Bruce should have turned and walked away. Having romantic and lustful feelings for this woman would be trouble because of his alter ego but for some reason he stood still and continued to look at her as she walked closer.

“I should charge you for staring at me for that long.” The woman joked. Her voice was high pitched and chipper.

“I’ll pay to see you dance again.” Bruce said absent mindedly.

The woman’s eyes lit up. “If that’s true then follow me.” She said as she turned and walked out of the temple. Bruce complied without question. She led him a short distance to a wooden building. They stepped inside and started an ascent up the stairs.

“Your name?” Bruce asked, his mind still swimming through a fog.

“Ekanta and yours?” She replied.

“Bruce.” He mumbled.

They continued the walk up the stairs until Ekanta turned, leading down a narrow hall and into a room. The room smelled strongly of flowers, perhaps jasmine, and looked quiet regal. There were large pillows strewn on the floor and golden colored drapes hanging from the ceiling. The walls were a bright red and golden décor could be seen throughout the room. Ekanta strode to the corner of the room and music started to play. It was very slow paced and soft. She started to gently sway her hips as she walked towards him.

“I do believe you agreed to pay me?” She asked.

“Yes. How much?” Bruce mused.

“Eight thousand five hundred rupees.” She purred.

Bruce reached into his pocket and pulled out all the bills and coins he could find and handed it to her without counting. She accepted it and started counting. “Only six thousand.” She reported.

Bruce froze. “If I run back to my house to get more will you wait here for me?” He hastily inquired.

Ekanta tilted her head, thinking seriously about what he was offering. “Yes, I will wait for you but please be back within the hour.” She assured.

“I’ll be back in less than an hour.” Bruce offered as he walked out of the room.

When Bruce was walking back to the building Ekanta was waiting for him in he started to think. Why was he giving a woman over eight thousand rupees, equivalent to over two hundred American dollars just to dance for him. Was he really that lustful? He kept thinking as he entered the building she was waiting in. As he headed up the stairs he felt no better than a pervert that hooked up with women in hotel rooms. Ekanta had brought a little joy back into his life but he didn’t want to make it feel dirty and degrading by paying her to dance, she wasn’t a stripper after all. Bruce decided the best choice of action was to ask Ekanta for for the six thousand back and just go back to his life as a doctor. He knocked on the door he believed Ekanta was behind.

“Who is it?” Her voice called.

“It’s Bruce. I’m back and I think it would be best if I…” Bruce trailed off as Ekanta opened the door. She was standing in front of him wearing only a sari blouse and skirt leaving her midriff bare.

“Please come in.” She purred as she grabbed Bruce’s hand and pulled him into the room. She gave him a flirtatious smile as she reached into his pocket and pulled out the two thousand five hundred that he had brought for her. “Do you still want me to dance for you?” She inquired.

Bruce regained control of his thoughts. “Yes, I mean no! No! I think it would be best if I took the money and went home. Ekanta you are beautiful and hypnotizing and vibrant but I think it’s best if I didn’t pay you to dance. It would make it feel cheap and dirty.”

Ekanta’s smile stayed in place. “All the same, I think you came here for something other than dancing.” Her face moved in close to his and her lips pressed against his. Bruce’s mind raced! Was she kissing him? Oh god it had been so long since a woman had kissed him at all. He gave into the kiss. Before he knew it her body was pressing against his. It became a blur but somehow they ended up lying on top of a pile of pillows on the floor. Ekanta was slowly letting her hands undo his zipper and rub his member. Bruce jerked his hips. The sensation of being aroused was so new to him. Ekanta broke the kiss just long enough to look into his eyes and untie her sari skirt. As the skirt unraveled she tossed it to the side. She began kissing again while pulling down Bruce’s pants. Bruce felt a surge of excitement as Ekanta pulled his pants down to his knees. But the excitement also brought with it a grumble from his alter ego. His heart was beating too fast and his blood pressure was too high. Bruce grimaced and pushed Ekanta back.

“I—I can’t.” Bruce stammered.

“Don’t feel stressed or ashamed.” Ekanta soothed has she took his hand in hers.

A wave of calm swept over him. Suddenly the voice of his alter ego had disappeared into darkest reaches of his mind. “How did you do that?” Bruce mused.

“I have a gift for relaxing people.” Ekanta explained as she pried off his shoes and pulled his pants completely off.

“It’s more than that. Ekanta, I have a monster living inside me but you were able to tame him. That’s never happened before.” Bruce revealed.

“I…I guess that I can make people feel a certain way by touching them.” Ekanta sighed.

“You can manipulate emotions?” Bruce asked.

“I don’t know if I manipulate them or create them. Does it matter? Aren’t you just glad to have the demon out of your head long enough to enjoy a romantic day with such a beautiful woman?”

Bruce answered her with a kiss although he was still thinking about how he felt while he was kissing her. He didn’t have long to think since she was once again arousing him with her hands. Bruce felt a surge of excitement and when the usual voice that haunted him couldn’t be heard he dived into the experience as fast and wholeheartedly as he could. He started clawing at Ekanta’s sari blouse, trying to pull down the tight fabric enough to reveal her breasts. She smiled into the kiss as she began unbuttoning Bruce’s shirt with one hand and rubbing his length with the other. Bruce groaned as he could feel Ekanta’s hand against his bare chest. He once again started clawing at the tight fabric that covered her breasts. She broke the kiss long enough to take her sari blouse off. As she leaned back in to kiss Bruce he started to massage her bare breasts. She moaned into the kiss which made Bruce’s c**k twitch and leak pre-c**. She continued to rub him as she straddled her body over his. She hovered over him letting Bruce get excited by the heat radiating off of her without actually letting him feel the inside of her walls. Bruce didn’t want to be teased. It had been years since he had been able to havesex and all he wanted to do was feel the pleasure that Ekanta could give him. She gripped her hips with his hand and forced her down on his shaft. The sudden surge of heat and moisture was too much for him. He moaned loudly as he filled her with his seed.

When he looked up at Ekanta she was blushing slightly and had a small smile on her face. “I didn’t except it to happen that fast.” Ekanta admitted. “I thought you would last longer.”

“I did too.” Bruce agreed as he shifted Ekanta onto her back and slowly pulled out of her. Without thinking Bruce started rubbing her clitoris with his thumb. She gave a high pitched moan as she bucked her hips. He continued rubbing her seeing her get excited by his touch made him hard again. She started panting as her fingers dug into the pillows she was lying on. He continued to rub her until she arched her back and moaned in pleasure. Her body quivered with pleasure as Bruce’s seed leaked out of her.

“You’re full of surprises, Bruce.” Ekanta said as she sat up to look at him.

“I…um…thanks.” Bruce managed to stutter.

Ekanta gave a playful smile and began stroking his member again. She then leaned down and took him into her mouth. At first Bruce froze, not sure how to react. Eventually the flicking of her tongue, the puckering of her lips, and the wet heat of her mouth led him to place a placid hand on the base of her head. His pleasure was building and once again he was able to feel the rush of arousal without the sound of the other guy distracting and threatening him. He could feel his climax coming; he tightly gripped Ekanta’s hair as he came in her mouth. She gave a small moan of enjoyment as she swallowed his c**. Once she returned to her sitting position next to Bruce she gave a small, gentle smile and placed her hand on top of his. “I hope you’ve enjoyed your time here.” She began. “Is there anything else I could do for you?”

“Could…well I mean is there….I’d like to see you again so that I could see you…dance and maybe so we could also do this again.” Bruce sputtered.

“I’d love to see you again.” Ekanta said with genuine joy. “If you want to come by tomorrow night I’ll still be here.”

“Thank you Ekanta. You’ve given me back a piece of my life. I feel whole again. You’re the best thing that’s happened in my life since…” Bruce looked suddenly sad. “since my accident.”

“You’re welcome.” Ekanta said as Bruce began to put his clothes back on. “Also, I do more than just dance and make love. I’m no therapist but if you ever think that talking about what’s hurting you would help I’ll be here to listen.”

“Ekanta, you are the most amazing woman I’ve ever known. I’ll be here tomorrow.” Bruce happily sighed. He finished getting dressed and walked out the door and as he left both of them felt a sense of divine presence, that they were meant to meet so that they could both find what was once missing in each of their lives.