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User ImageThis is my REALISM entry. First off, I just wanna say, plz make sure to read EVERY [/******** lil word in this entry. I cannot stress that more than enough. I hate repeating myself. Don't PM me if you don't know what you want. If you're cheap. Don't bother me. The quality of my work is professional and they take a very long time to do. Heavy bribes are in order.
I never had a set price. Bribes is all I've ever taken, so bribe away.
<- - I drew that. The price of the art consists of the body shot you want including how many people. The nicer the art is, more realism, the more I'll expect for payment.
So here are the rules ::
Rumor [R]ul|e|s
_______o1. Don't Annoyed me. I'll just cancel your order.
_______o2. Impatient? RUN AWAY. I don't do art overnight. I like having unlimited time, such stress free.
_______o3. Don't PM me if you're out of gold. I'll just ignore you.
_______o4. Don't ask me a billion questions. If at the end you will not order anything..
_______o5. I'm pretty flexible with ideas. Letting me do what I want will get you a better picture.
_______o6. Don't offer me items. I'm really after pure. So sell whatever you want and gimme pure plz.
_______o7. Try to be Literate. Spelling, grammar, capitalization. You get a sticker if you use these well.
_______o8. I don't do payment plans. So don't ask me. You either have the gold/items or not.
_______o9. I don't start anything unless I see a trade in my account. It helps me keep track of commies.
_______1o. I don't rip people off. I only confirm trade when you approve the drawing.
_______11. Don't RP with me when you talk to me. It creeps me out, just talk normal.
_______12. Plz don't touch me. God only knows where your hands have been. <//3
_______13. Steal my stuff and die. Or get reported, whatever works for you.
_______14. Plz don't call me 'Hun, Sugar, babe, Rum, Rumi, etc'. Just 'RUMOR'. I don't respond well to ppl who do that. It throws me off. Just avoid it around me.
_______15. I just want pure. Like I said already. Like really, bribe me with lots of pure. <3

Now for the 'Realism Rules', yes we got those too. READ THEM. D<
Realism [R]ul|e|s
_______1.I cannot for the life of me do BGs. If you're looking for a BG, go find another artist.
_______2. I do not do FB =Full Bodies, get over it. I never liked them, so don't ask for them.
_______3. I prefer thighs shots over all shots. Knee shots are possible but a tad rare, catch me in a good mood?
_______4. Plz don't ever tell me to do you in RL in my commissions. It's the most stressful piece of s**t you could ever have me do.
_______5. Just because I can do realism, doesn't mean I will draw you in RL. At most I can give you a small resemblence, but that's it.
_______6. I don't like doing anything with fantasy items. EI horns, D Tail, wings, etc Fantasy items do not clash with realism, so don't bother.
_______7. Don't test my patience. I do have them. Don't make me go back and forth a lot on your art.
_______8. There is only so many edits to your final commission I can do before I lose my mind. Aggravate me and I'm canceling everything! Dx

The [P]ric|e|s
THERE IS NONE. BRIBE ME. Kay? REAL Artwhores have spoiled me by offering me crazy amounts for realism. If you have the gold/items and you're interested, PM away. O: I have wayy too many commies to do, I demand the right to a bribe. Just PM me and we'll talk. Mmkay? Kay. C: My DA Account, click if you want to see my work.

I'm not very active in Gaia. I no longer quest pixels, unless I really want them. I only want funds now for my own art requests. I do have a life, and Gaia hasn't been my top priority for months. I doubt I will ever quit, but I'll still sign on every so often to just complete commissions, take on commissions, if my funds run low, all just for art. ALL FOR ART. If you're an artist and you're pretty good, PM me. I love commissioning artists. <333

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