• It is dark, empty.
    The world is filled with horrid, morbid sadness.
    A blindfold covers my face, shielding me from the ace.
    An ace that will rid the smiles of many faces.
    We watch as all cheers turn to silence.
    Everyones stares into the faint of light in the center of the streets.
    A child like you and me holds out his hands.
    It was a gift with no box, no ribbons.
    The gift was:
    People cheered, screamed, and silenced again.
    The light faded and the boy vanished as well.
    In its place was a creature.
    Horror strikes again and hope fades.
    We are blessed with an inevitable curse.
    We are all sinned.
    I forgive myself for the sins I've caused.
    I removed my blindfold with cold hands.
    Light shone on my skin for none.
    I smiled as others forgave.
    Light shines once again.
    A wonderful Christmas gift.