• Nate, Emz, Lola and I sat in the locker room. Only and hour until the big halloween sleepover. The others had taken up residence in the toilets, getting ready. Nate usually just wore his old pleather coat (no typing error) which brushed the floor when he walked and a pair of special vampire fangs obtained from his dentist mother. Emz and Lola were waiting 'till the others were out and me? Well... I was already dressed. My short red elfin hair helped in my costume, I could get my black wig on easier. I went as a vampire, also with special fangs. I'll skip the boring conversation about school lunch and give you the next part, after we were ready.

    When we were all ready, we began talking, waiting until the teacher came down to tell us all to go up, nearly every class was down there.
    "I'm gonna go talk to those boys over there..." Lola grinned, followed by nearly every girl in our little group. Leaving only me, Hannah, Nate, Jesse, Jack and Tom.
    "Oh boy- candy!" Hannah giggled.
    "I hope we don't get apples again..." Tom frowned, his allergy ridden nerdy side taking over.
    "Yee-ha to that." Jesse grinned. I tipped his hat so it covered his face.
    "I can't wait- it's gonna be so cool!" I laughed. The teacher trailed down to take us up, she looked just like a witch... I guess that's why she didn't wear a costume! I realised halfway up the stairs that I needed my phone. I pulled Nate down with me.
    "Why me?" He said, once we were back down.
    "Hello, best friend?" I rolled my eyes. We were searching for my phone when suddenly, the lights flickered on and off.
    "Very funny." Nate sighed, "I don't believe you're so childish!"
    "Um... Nate? I'm here." I whispered, right next to him.
    "Stupid cheap school can't even pay the electric bills" Nate laughed. A locker door suddenly flew open and smacked him in the face. "I kinda deserved that." He said, holding his bleeding nose.
    "I didn't do anything!" I shouted, terrified. More locker doors opened and closed. It got very cold and I could hear bangs, knocks and screams. Eventually, my phone flew through the air and hit my arm. Then Nate and I screamed. Something wasn't right though... we could hear laughter and the lights had stopped flickering and the locker doors remained closed.
    "Oh god that was funny!" I heard a familliar voice chuckle. Jesse, Jack and Tom stood behind us. Jesse was holding a series of strings, Jack was at the lightswitch and Tom was at the thermostat.
    "Ooh, Nate! Help me, I'm so scared!" Tom said, mocking me.
    "Oh, you guys are asses!" I laughed. We all trailed back upstairs.

    I guess the guys kinda scared us, but I'll get them this year!!