• Yes! Finally, a date with the best guy in the whole world! This guy was handsome, plus he...well, he was just...the one~!

    Anyways, so our date; horrible. But I suppose it couldn't have gone any better.
    So we had gone out to dinner, a really nice one, too. We ate fine and we dressed fine, too. But...when we arrived back at my house, after he had politely drove me home, he started to lean.
    I leaned and, in his car, on my first date; we would kiss. My first kiss! Imagine! Anyways, the mood was just right, the moon was just coming up and his music was turned down low, my parents still hadn't noticed the car, and he was reached out to pull me forward when...


    I was so embarassed, but despite that I laughed. LAUGHED! Right in his face! We were probably only a centimeter apart when I farted, then laughed in his face. HOW EMBARASSING!!!

    Despite that, we ended up marrying, we now have a son, and we are as happy as...well, two peas in a pod!