• My worst high school moments:
    1.) this happened just yesterday. I didn't have any clothes left because my mum packed them up and soI took oneof he jeans from the closet to wear for th day. Only problem was that they we way too big and I didn't have time to search for a belt or I'd miss the bus. So when I got to school I have to walk really funny or my pants would fall down which they almost did in first period.

    2.) Last year had a boy who was a jerk but also my friend in english class and I always sat near him. Well one day he decide that while I was destracted with something that he'd tie me to the desk as a joke. So he spent five minutes tieing both of my shoelaces to the desk leg in an ultra complecated knot of doom. When the period was over I almost fell. He was going to leave me like that, but then tried to untie me. I was super late to my next class.

    3)Another activity of his was lifting the front of my desk really high and making my scream. So one day he lifted the desk up-- and I was keeping balance as usual--and then suddenly, it tipped over backwards with me in it.