• But anyway one day my little sister went missing and I never felt so sad in my life crying , I can't really describe it. All day at the next day school I was moping around ready to break down at any moment. They only people who bother to ask why I was like that were my friends. So at band we were playing wand I messed up and my teacher corrected me, and I was like okay, but then those meanies in class started making rude remarks and such about my playing as well. (I only stared 10th grade so yea I suck) And I broke down, and cried my eyes out.
    Two of my friends who have band with me started to comfort me.They knew why I was crying, but the others students didn't. They started to say things like "Don't comfort her cuz she can't handle criticism" and others things related to my playing. One of my friends finally told them to shut up and told them the real reason why I was crying.
    But the funny thing is I don't even remember them saying they were sorry. confused Oh well, life has those jerks.