• pretty box colleting dust in the corner
    i see you stare
    i know you know its there
    i know you try to hide that you care
    pretty box colleting dust in the corner
    it shins and calls out to you
    what should you do?
    open it and see its wounders?
    or sit there and hope the feeling gose away?
    it wispers secrets but really has nothing to say
    it wispers secrets while in your bed you lay
    pretty box colleting dust in the corner
    how much time has passed
    you have risisted its call for so long
    but how much longer can you go on
    when you see it you also hear my voice i wisper open it
    when you see it you see my smile
    i see you craking only time left is a little while
    everyday your hand slips close to the box
    everyday i see the want in your eyes
    you say you don't want to open it but i hear the lies
    pretty box colleting dust in the corner
    your want has finally over come you
    you open it and hold your breath
    you open it to find nothing less
    than my beating heart and a simple note attached
    you read the note and your eyes tear
    it reads
    you stare at my last gift i gave
    this lets you know i will always be your love slave
    my heart it beats and blood gose through my veins
    but with this present i let go of my pain
    here is my heart i do not want it back
    keep it and know that i died to make you happy
    and no i don't care if you think this is sappy
    pretty box finally open and cleaned off
    it no longer sits in the coner and it will forever remined you of the one you lost