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    Two shadows emerged in the fading dawn
    Milky and silent in their passage
    Encroaching in the magic of each other’s presence
    Was a rite of passage, earned by moments such as these
    They drank in the appearances of each other with a simple inhale
    Love has an aroma, did you know?
    And they could taste it in the way the other walked
    And lifted their heels like flight
    And floated towards the other for the simple reason that it was easier than being

    And their lips met under a honey-encrusted, cherry-topped sunset
    Melodies were made just by the existence of the true love they managed to create
    And the clouds were harmonies, and Pluto smiled down on them from its throne of darkened glory

    They didn’t have to speak
    Because the paths that they had chosen spoke for them
    And fingers entwined, they didn’t want to speak
    Because voices were too grounding

    And in the silence of the magenta dusk
    They were all they needed in each other
    And around each other
    And everywhere
    Shadows disintegrated
    As the moon exposed her glistening pale face
    And the sun turned his cheek to the earth
    To return again at the crack of dawn, five o’clock shadow creasing a perfect face

    Traces of moonlight dusted the ground like cinnamon
    And the glimmers exposed footprints
    That approached each other
    And rested on the spongy grass like a flying carpet
    Hovering over the twisted blades
    Of stolen memories