• No matter what they do or say,
    No matter what they do to get their way,
    Their never truly gone.

    They cheat and lie and hurt you bad,
    They make you feel hopeless inside.
    No matter how much they cuss and swear,
    Their never truly gone.

    The human heart is strange, Just so,
    No matter how much you wish they'd go,
    You wish theyd see how much it hurts you,
    But their never truly gone.

    A part of us is always good,
    A party is always bad,
    They may hurt you but remember:
    Their never truly gone.

    Somewhere inside's the one you love,
    It may be burried deep,
    They may look truly evil, But theirs still some hope to keep:
    Your love isn't truly gone.

    Somewhere inside youknow they care,
    I hope you realize soon,
    Because without hope life soon turns bad,
    Your heart may start to droop.

    Hearts are fickle, love is mean,
    People are often far too keen,
    On hurting others, those who care
    people who truly need them there
    Their never truly gone.

    Cling to hope, never let go,
    There are those who love you so,
    Trust me on this, i truly know!
    Their never truly gone.

    Please hear me out, remember my plea,
    Know that people HAVE hurt me,
    Remember the good times, forget the bad,
    Stand by those you love,
    Remember, sing, hope and pray,
    Their never truly gone.