• death and love are not the same look around do u see love or death
    no no death around...not!! i was walking around a little seeing daemons alot
    "man home work on Friday ugh i hate my teacher!" then i saw a white thing in the trees O_O
    "omg" i said then it jumped down and it had no mouth only eyes then it tried to make a mouth
    then it took my pocket knife and cut a mouth where the mouth was suppose to be
    i said "how are you what are you" it said my death then i fell when i woke up i was in the
    hospital with a broken arm and a scar by my eye they saw if i hit and broke my head i would have died "what hit me" i said loud they say i fell
    "i dident fall something pushed me!" i said nervously
    "please go to bed!" they "told" me
    then i left happy i still see the thing i saw