• The Awakening

    I had been woken up by the loud thunder, clapping in my ears; I was in an unfamiliar room, with many treasures hung on the walls. As I slowly got up the hard bed, I slowly headed toward the door to find water. But as I almost open the doorknob, I heard voices. I put my ears against the door and heard 2 unfamiliar men talking. “He got captured by the Pirate King; he will now be a slave to him.” laughed one of the men. “What if he refuses to obey the Pirate King?” asked the other men cautiously. “Well, we’ll have to see about that,” chuckled the first men. As I heard the 2 men heading toward the door, I quickly headed to the bed that I was asleep in before. I pretended to sleep, but when the door opened, my heart started to pound. “Take this boy to the Pirate King,” ordered the first men to the second men. As I was being carried away by the 2 men, I started to think who the Pirate King was, and what punishment awaits me.
    Meeting the Pirate King
    As I was getting closer to the Pirate King, pretending to sleep was getting harder for me, as I couldn’t stop thinking about the Pirate King. As one of the men opened the door, the other men hit me hard on the stomach. “Wake up, you filthy dumb boy,” yelled one of the men, as he punched me once again in the stomach to make sure I was awake. “Ouch,” I screamed loudly, holding my stomach, and trying to endure the pain. When most of the pain was gone, I tried getting up, but pain suddenly exploded on my stomach. I was breathing hard when I finally managed to stand up, looking around another but bigger unfamiliar room. “Are you alright?” asked a man I never met, looking awfully concerned at what just happened. “Well, I guess so, but my stomach still hurts,” I answered back, still holding my stomach. “Still hurts? That was simply my weakest punch,” laughed the men who punched me on my stomach, he was going to punch me again, but was saved by the men I didn’t know. “Stop that, Fredrick, the boy is weak and probably doesn’t have any manners,” yelled the men who saved me, looking a hard cold stare at Fredrick. “Are you the Pirate King?” I asked cautiously, afraid the men will punch me for rudeness. “Indeed, I am, and what is your name?” questioned the Pirate King. As I was able to speak, I was clueless, I don’t remember my name. “Well, I’m not sure,” I answered nervously. “I see, then I shall name you, you will be called Jack, got it?” said the Pirate King. “Ok, sir,” I answered back, thinking about my new name, Jack, that wasn’t a bad name.
    Jack’s Dangerous Quest
    As I woke up the next day, the glorious bright yellow sunshine was beaming at me with its warmth. I yawned and stretched lazily, but when I noticed that someone was looking at me, I froze. I rubbed my eyes and looked at the person again, this time I recognized him, it was the Pirate King. “Had a nice sleep?” asked the Pirate King, with his friendly smile. “Well, pretty good sleep overall, except for the hard bed hurting my back,” I replied back, yawning and stretching once more. “Well, that’s good to hear, since you will need all your strength today,” said the Pirate King, as he looked out at the bright sunny sea. As the Pirate King walked away, I noticed a tray with food and a glass of water. I was thirsty, so I drank some water from the glass, and quickly spit it out as I noticed it was salty water. So, I just ate the food, and I was on my way to look for the Pirate King. I looked from room to room, but couldn’t find him. As I slowly sat down and thought about giving up, I noticed a door that was different from the rooms. I walked toward it and saw it said “Pirate King.” I opened the way and went in, as soon as I stepped in, The Pirate King signals me to sit on the chair next to him. After I sat down, I noticed a piece of paper with many symbols and lines. “Do you know what this is?” The Pirate King asked me. I observed the paper with many symbols and lines, and I quickly knew it was a treasure amp. “It’s a treasure map,” I replied confidently. “Correct, and this “X” is where you shall head to get a treasure for me.” The Pirate told me, as he pointed at a place. It was in the middle of the ocean from what I could see.
    Arriving On the Island
    As I was packing up my belongings and some that the Pirate King gave me, a picture came out. I quickly picked it up and looked at it, it was the picture of me and my mom, and under it, it said Red. That’s it; I remembered that it was my real name. Flashbacks of my family come back to me, and a tear dropped from my eyes as I missed living with my family. “I will come back for my family” I thought, trying to focus on getting the treasure. As I headed outside the ship, warm bright rays hit me, and I realized that it was only the Sun. “I’m ready,” I said to the Pirate King, who was patiently waiting for me. “Good, then we shall get started, but here are things you should know about the place,” said the Pirate King. After he finished telling me, I headed for the boat and I was on my way. The pirate was looking at me as I rowed. I waved to them goodbye, but they went back to work, only the Pirate King waved back and smiled. As hours passed by, Jack was beginning to get tired of rowing, he almost fell asleep, until he finally saw land, He looked up at the land, excited and glad that he finally found it and this was where the action was about to start. So, Jack rowed faster and faster until his arms felt like they were going to fall off. The land grew bigger as Jack rowed closer to it, and the more closer he got, the more excited he became. This was just land, it was an island!
    To be continued………..