• A long long time ago, something strange happened at one of my softball games

    There was a deaf girl on the other team, so her dad gave her hand signals so she could understand what was going on.Well my coach thought it was not fair he was using hand signals, so he made a HUGE deal out of it , and an inning later (when I was up to bat) they called the officials to check the ruling! My coach was being completely unreasonable and a bad sport! My mom left the stands to go to the bathroom, this reminded her of her childhood with her sister, my aunt Vickey, she is deaf and autistic , so stuff like this happened to Vickey, but not in athletic situations, she was not an athlete.So,eventualy it was all sorted out, I hit the ball get out at first yada yada ya we get three outs,we switch sides, and the deaf girl is up to bat, Mom gets back on the stands and we all watch as the deaf girl CRUSHED the ball!Our side cheered, and the other team went wild they forgotcshe was deaf for a moment so when she reached third she stopped and they screamed "go home,go home !!!" Eventualy the dad signaled her and she darted home, a home run even our team enjoyed , exept our coach .That girl inspired me to tell you guys this.