• one day, kaname was in his special chair. then he noticed something about his 'specil' chair.
    kaname:hhmmmm,*starts thinking whats wrong with it*
    zero:*streaching as he walks in*what?
    kaname:theres something funny about my chair but i dont know what it is.
    zero surprised ...k? *0.0*
    kaname:im gonna get some fruitsnacks.
    zero:go ask yuki, she might know whats up with your chair.
    kaname goes in search of some fruitsnacks to mellow out with.
    instead he finds yuki.
    yuki:hey*sips on juice box*
    kaname:have you seen my fruitsnacks? and i think there's something wrong with my chair.
    knowing how special kaname's chair was to him, yuki hands him 30$
    yuki:go buy the biggest box of poptarts you can find.
    kaname goes to costco and does as he is told.
    kaname comes back to find his fruitsnacks missing!