• One day, an old man walked into his room. He had been thinking about what his family would do when he died. Then he stumbled to the floor in agony. On the wall were words, not written by human hand. He realized quickly who’s writing it was.” Lord, what does this mean,” he asked.” This says that you will need to spend the rest of your life with those family members. They wont have long to spend with you if you don’t,” God said.

    So the man spent the rest of his life with the people he loved most.

    When he died, everything worked out for his funeral costs, and hospital bills. Nothing was unpaid or lost. But the old man had a son. His son was an atheist. When he got old he thought about what his family would do when he died. Then he saw the wall. On it were names of people who loved him, hated him, and people who weren’t true friends. He stared in horror as he watched his father walked out of the closet.” Why do you not believe in god? Wasn’t this writing enough,” he said.” Father I have lived as an atheist for all my life. How could I believe in just an instant that there is a god? Anyone could have written these names on the wall.” The father looked at him. In his eyes were sorrow and yet happiness as well.” When I was this age I asked the same question. Then god wrote on the wall names of people I know. He told me to go and be with them until the day of my death. I was an atheist too for a while. But when I saw the names I knew it had to be god, not any mortal human. Now go and do what I tell you now. Tell the people who love you that you love them. Tell your enemies that you love them. And finally, tell your friends who aren’t your true friends that you love them. Walk up to any stranger and give them a hug, let them know that you care. Talk to god and be saved. And when you die you will go to heaven.”

    So the man became a Christian and was nice and caring to everyone he met.

    Life can seem like there’s no answer to any question. But not everyone knows about one search engine that always has the right answer. His name is God. Tell people about him and let them know that he cares.