• I stood in my room, staring into the depths of my closet. I tucked a lock of black hair behind my ear and pulled out a pair of black skinny jeans and a red tank top. I slid into the clothes and fastened my black skull choker to my neck. I shook my hair out and adjusted my lip ring. I lit my black lighter and heated up my safety pin. After a few seconds, I closed the lighter and pressed the heated metal to my forearm. It seared my skin, leaving a now raised burn. I groaned and slid my black arm warmers on before painting my nails a sexy black.

    "Get your fat a** down here Jamie." My mom yelled drunkenly.

    I rolled my eyes and grabbed my cell phone before carefully edging downstairs in my black converse.

    Mom was drunk and ungroomed. Dad was passed out on the floor and my brother Derek was piercing his ear. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door.


    Maim and Death were waiting for me by the dark tree in the furthest corner of our school grounds.

    "Peace and death." I whisper as I show them my newest burn. Maim licked the burn and said, "Good morning my death mate."

    I closed my eyes and let him kiss me. He pulled gently on my lip ring and grabbed my a**. Death lit a joint and we breathed in the pot. We stood there for a few minutes before I pulled my safety pin out of my bag. Maim stared at it and gently pulled the sleeves of his tight black shirt up.