• I've seen a lot of people constantly say "White Magick is good and Black Magick is evil" - And as a witch of about 10+ years, I just feel like I have to correct you, because that's not exactly how that works.

    The terms 'White/Black Magick' don't really refer to them being sides of morality; They refer to the type of vibrations you naturally have and permit around you; White = Positive/High Energy and Vibrations, and Black = Negative/Low Energy and Vibrations, but that still does NOT refer to them being good/evil.

    *****White Magick can be used for evil, just like Black Magick can be used for good*****; All you're really doing is using the natural energy type you have.

    In simple terms; Think of cats and dogs; Dogs would be considered 'White Magic' because of their High Energy and Vibrations:

    Dogs are extroverted, outgoing, playful, energetic, hyper, excitable, athletic, emotional, affectionate, ect.

    While cats would be considered 'Black Magick' because of their Low Energy and Vibrations:

    Cats are introverted, withdrawn, mellow, calm, indifferent, moody, lazy, laid-back, anti-social, ect.

    (These are generalized recognized traits of cats and dogs, obviously not every single individual animals fits these to a T)

    Saying one is a White/Black Witch/Magician shouldn't automatically put them on a moral compass of good and evil; And it doesn't help that both Black and White witches perpetuate the moral compass by using Black Magick to do evil and White to do good because they further the misunderstanding of what they REALLY mean; Which isn't helped by our community when Black Magicians go everywhere and talk about how much they hurt people instead of help people.

    Not to mention, for example, if you're trying to help someone and you have naturally Low Energy (Black Magick) and you attempt to use High Energy (White Magic), then of course no White Magick or 'good' spell is going to work - Because you're trying to use a resource you don't have. This can then make you thin ...
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