• paint me a benevolent picture
    scrawl down your most enticing prose
    I'll enjoy it for a moment
    maybe even remember it for two

    but no matter how marvelous the feature
    or how perfect your sculpture's pose
    our work is lost to the world in an instant
    unless to this flood of data, we can be subdue

    the internet swallows every brilliant work of art
    and engulfs it within mountains of trash
    yet the Mona Lisa was never forgotten
    nor did Edgar Allan Poe's words ever go stale

    such an influx entries, each from the heart
    they all fight for the spotlight in one final crash
    and even those that succeed, fade soon after,end up rotten
    thus spoke to the world such a potent tale

    diluted in the sea of fame
    leaving just tainted talent
    and bestowing just fading dreams ...
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