• Ice crystals dance through the air.
    The rhythm they keep that of a glorious waltz.
    Tenderly, the grass acts as a seat to catch its visitors.
    Everything stands still waiting for the moment that the waltz ends.

    Sunlight glistens wonderously against the fallen ice.
    Shimmering magical wonders fill the mind of splendours to be.
    Childish imaginations stur in to dreams of yester years.
    Tendernous and warmth are what are held dear.

    Jack Frost leaves his kisses on innocent cheaks.
    Rose red skin is nipped in the cold.
    Hands mold the snow in to wonderous shapes gallour.
    Slumber now the only sensation nature feels.

    Snowmen and women soon crowd the streets.
    Hats and scarf tails whip in the wind.
    Hills of snow are bombarded with no mercy.
    A winter wonderland retreat is the only true joy for the young.