• Snowflakes
    the sky and
    blankets the sleeping earth.
    Children tumble and shriek as they slide
    ice and snow down each other's backs.

    Teenagers prance
    out of the house, flaunting their new coats
    and chatting noisily, their voices
    cutting the cold air
    like a knife.

    Parents are hurrying along
    trying to stay out of the cold,
    their shoes denting the white blanket
    the sky has bestowed upon us.

    There is a woman, old and weathered
    sitting outside the nursery home.
    I cry out.

    She looks at me, and puts
    her finger to her lips,
    then motions for me to sit
    next to her.
    I slide onto the bench
    next to her.

    I watch the snowflakes fall,
    each one a little different.
    my mind melts away
    each frozen thought.

    I close my eyes,
    and stop thinking.
    It feels like nothing
    Only the snow.

    An hour passes. The snow stops.
    The old woman stands
    and gently steps
    to the sidewalk,
    careful not to break
    the perfect white
    before her.

    She silently thanks me
    for a wonderful time
    and we go