• Winter is a picture to take,
    As I catch a Tiny Snowflake.

    Oh how it glides through the dull, dark sky,
    And then vanishes with the blink of an eye.

    It's soft touch is like a needle,
    Gently clinging to my skin.

    As I walk down the lit road,
    It's cold sting is warm again.

    One, two , three, then more,
    All starting to stick to the ground like glue.

    Its Christmas Eve, we all can see,
    So I'll hurry and get home too.

    Its a lovely night for the moonlight,
    to shine in my window seal.

    Oh Tiny Snowflake, that touched my face,
    Is this night real?.

    I go to sleep, thinking of you,
    And how you look so pretty.

    Oh Tiny Snowflake, I hope you stay,
    To see me Christmas Day really happy.

    Its Christmas day and I'm wide awake,
    So I'll run down the stairs.

    Oh Snowflake your still there!, Just waiting for me,
    To come pull you off the tree.

    I'm glad your hanging with me.