• Have you ever had any doubts?
    Have you ever looked at yourself,
    Really looked at yourself?
    Have you ever seen the real you?
    I have.

    Did you really think it would bug me?
    Did you really expect me to shrug it off,
    Just smile and say it's alright?
    Did you really see how it hurt me?
    I did.

    Tell me something,
    Really tell me something.
    Something important,
    Something to remind me.
    Do you really?

    Are you just acting?
    Are you just fooling around,
    Fooling around with my feelings?
    Are you really in love?
    I am.

    Is she better?
    Is she the one,
    The one you trust more than me?
    Is she my best friend?

    Will you ever see this?
    Will you ever take notice,
    Of my face?
    Will you ever leave me?
    I will.

    Would you promise me things?
    Would you tell me these lies,
    That hurt so much?
    Would you say that you love me?
    I would.

    I have.
    I did.
    Do I really?
    I am.
    I will.
    I would.