• Ice dripping and melting from the trees.
    Snow falling from the sky with delicate shapes inside.
    Can you see? The details in winter, it's beautiful.
    If you really try to see, it would be...

    A very beautiful winter world,
    I would never stay at home.
    All rugged up nice and warm,
    Protected from the delicate little details...
    Of, winter...

    Can you see? The colours from Spring are gone,
    But the beauty has arrived in exchange of colours.
    It's beautiful, very beautiful to me...
    It's a little spread of tears,
    Across the lake, all frozen up.

    Inside all day, no air for the fishes, though it's beautiful.
    I crack the ice, to change their atmostsphere.
    They jump and flip for the air,
    I clap my hands at happiness.
    And break more ice... For the dear fishes...