• Everybody needs an obsession,
    It's what gives us something to live for.
    Some find it in religion,
    putting all their faith within it,
    others have sports,
    putting all their effort forward.
    There are those that write,
    stories and Characters becoming messengers.
    Those that protest for all our rights,
    finding peace in thinking that they are helping the world.
    We can see around us,
    those that obsess over what most think obscene,
    and those that are obsessed about finding true love.
    We have those that draw,
    their passion spread across the page,
    There are people who find solace,
    in leading others to a goal.
    Added to that we have those that present,
    whatever they might choose to press upon themselves to invent.
    Human nature pushes us to be obsessed,
    but when we lost that....
    We slowly lose composure,
    We slowly lose Ourselves.