• Christmas Joys & Woes

    The orphan Little Jane was in very large woes,
    being in an orphanage, your heart barely grows.
    There, especially on Christmas, gifts weren’t there.
    all the children were left in despair.
    Little Jane walked out in the storm,
    where her tears started to take form.

    She got oh so very cold,
    Little Jane shook ‘till it was uncontrolled.
    She collapsed on her knees,
    no one had noticed, not even trainees.
    But who would arrive, I guess you would think?
    No one but Saint Nick, just in a wink.

    He carried her off to the North Pole,
    where the reindeers were on patrol.
    When Little Jane awoke
    she asked, “Hey is this some sick joke?”
    Santa did nothing but laughed,
    floating away like a life raft.

    Little Jane ran but could no catch up,
    feeling foolish like a little pup.
    She sobbed some more,
    Covering the floor.
    Oh how worse can it get?

    Then her sight changed and rearranged,
    where she was being exchanged.
    She looked into a woman’s eyes,
    Her smile just buys.
    “You’re the one,” she kindly said,
    and the Jane’s mind nearly went dead.
    “So we’ll have Christmas?” she asked ever so kind.
    The woman replied, “The best you can find.”
    The warmth she could feel,
    yes it was real.