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  • Artist Info: Imma 5'8" newly dyed Blondiee,<br />
    I'm the most laid back chick to walk the earth,I live to laugh the love just shows up,I can't WAIT to leave Winnipeg, i wanna see this rock!! i LOVE the sound of a big block in some old school american muscle,<br />
    I would wither without the sound of music;<br />
    I'mma happy, type of person to do somethin retarded willingly, & screwing around in school is always priceless<br />
    =]; But besides dicking around making an ass of myself,<br />
    I still know when someone diserves a swift kick to the nuts : Remember Folks : <br />
    It take's 22 muscles to make a grin but only 7 to B*tch slap that mofo! =]
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