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  • Artist Info: im 14 i love the ffa (future farmers of america) im a country girl. im in high school, its ok its just school. i have one chicken its a girl shes gittin kindda ugly but its a chicken. anyways i dont like to read at all, i love my ford truck and my ford mustang (there both old but still together and nice), i have two sisters one is 16 and the other is 11. i love my laptop and my beach trips. i love scuba diveing its sooo fun and riding my forewheeler and my dirtbike i use to race dirt bikes it was funn, i wear my cow girl boots almost everyday and if not its my flipflops!!. Ive Never Brocken A Bone In My Body so im still nice and firm!!! lol!! i guess thats about it if you want to know anything else just ask i guess!!<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    oh p.s. i have long blonde hair and blue eyes<br />
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