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  • Artist Info: Ohhai.<br />
    I'm Bean, pretty much.<br />
    I'm a gurrl. No, I lied. I'm a boy. No, I lied again. I really am a gurrrl... or am I? o;<br />
    Video games, internet memes, and vulgar slurs are pretty much my life.<br />
    Although sometimes I like to photograph random shit and write.<br />
    Roleplaying and friends = the only reason I'm on Gaia. PM if you're interested in a oneXone.<br />
    I have a guild solely for roleplaying. Here, take this LINK<br />
    I like to pretend I can origami like no other.<br />
    I have this unhealthy obsession with zombies... and coffee... and Star Trek... and zombies.<br />
    I like too many movies/television series/bands/mangas/animes/books to list them all.<br />
    Comedy Central (or whoever the fuck hosted them) should totally bring Code Monkeys and Drawn Together back. <3<br />
    Want to know more about me? Too fucking bad, you creeper.<br />
    Kthxbai.<br />
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