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  • Artist Info: you can say what you want cause you're safe. That makes you a coward though. stare <br />
    You can make fun of the way i write cause my actions cannot physically reach you. gonk <br />
    I'm easily angered? Yes scream , cause i go to websites like this to meet people and have fun just texting away whee . But from reality and to the net the change goes into another direction sweatdrop .<br />
    People are more critical here question . there are no friends here as well emo . Too many cut throat people that are willing to post whatever they want about you cause they again, are safe talk2hand .<br />
    You're all fake blaugh .<br />
    You could never face the ones you criticize here, in the real world twisted .<br />
    You can't.<br />
    I'm fake too wahmbulance .<br />
    Here I'm letting go of my roughness that i have in reality. I try to open my mind here.<br />
    But I and the people here have are tendencies that make us fight among one another stressed .<br />
    Here is where i can only say Fuck off you rottin ass muthafuckas xp ! Imma drink mrgreen , fight rofl and imma lite this blunt and blow a smoke ring cause i dont give a fuck bout you anymore rofl .
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