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  • Artist Info: I love the games<br />
    -Kingdom hearts,kingdom hearts chain of memories,and kingdom hearts II<br />
    -any Sonic game<br />
    -any Pokemon game<br />
    -any naruto game<br />
    If I had to date a video game/cartoon character it would be<br />
    from kingdom hearts Sora or Roxas<br />
    (NEW) from the fire emblem Ike or Roy<br />
    from Naruto (no duh) Naruto or Sauske<br />
    from Sonic the hedgehog Sonic or shadow<br />
    If I could be a video game/cartoon charater i would be<br />
    from kingdom hearts Kairi or Namine<br />
    from *Naruto* Sakura<br />
    from *Sonic* Amy <br />
    from pokemon Lopuny Bunnary<br />
    I know some of the answers are strange but who cares that's me ^v^
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