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  • Artist Info: Wazzup all yu random fudgers out there 8D this is Kashew the Katastrophic and if you're here readin this you must be interested in my epicness -u-<br />
    <br />
    Anyway, i'm a pretty simple chick. so here are my loves n hates that you'll need to know and accept in their eternity.. XD<br />
    <br />
    -::LOVES::<br />
    *food (im not fat >=O)<br />
    *meh peoplez (only meh friends are meh peoplez n i treat them better than anyone else :3)<br />
    *farm animals (don't ask xD)<br />
    *nice folks<br />
    *wierdnessss<br />
    *my boyfriend ^u^ (he's mine so back off hoes xD)<br />
    *the schnuffel bunny (hes so adorable n cute >w< wink <br />
    *mayham (i mean you gotta admit it'll be extremely boring if nothing bad ever happens)<br />
    *my fears<br />
    *fire (i wont burn yew trust meh i'm not that psychotic.. but.. fire ish just really really perty 2 meh.. *w*)<br />
    *your mama's sweet ass XDD<br />
    <br />
    -::HATES::<br />
    *mean fudgers<br />
    *mean gangsters ( - 3- why yew gotta be so mean?? -nice gangsters yew're otay i guess >.> as long as yew dont hurt meh peoplez)<br />
    *too much ackward silence<br />
    *people who think im emo when im really nearly the exact opposite<br />
    *my shyness xP<br />
    *people who abuse others n animals just for the heck of it (its like.. what the fudge bubbles ish wrong with yew??!! would yew want someone to kick yew and beat yew everyday??!! jeez!)<br />
    *people who try to or hurt meh peoplez<br />
    <br />
    -::FEARS::<br />
    *the dark<br />
    *things with more than 4 legs<br />
    *ghosts (they du exsist and dont try to tell meh otherwise cuz i'll just wanna kick your ass :3)<br />
    *psychos n killers from the movies -like Freddie Couger, Jason, ect. (i know they dont exsist but still.. >.> yew never know..the world ish a strange and extremely ironic place)<br />
    <br />
    -**THINGS TO REMEMBER**<br />
    *im not fat<br />
    *im taken and I love him very much ^^ <br />
    *i welcome wierdness :3<br />
    *i love meh fears so dont try to scare meh :3<br />
    *im childish as a 4 year old<br />
    *im not very good with sad situations so i try meh best to stay happy and keep everyone around meh happy :3<br />
    <br />
    otay that's it i guess.. soo get out.. go.... shoo.. x) byee
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