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    the name is jenny<br />
    march 24th;;<br />
    I'm much to easily entertained.<br />
    People tell me I always look happy. And I am.<br />
    I try not to get mad, I hate when people are upset.<br />
    I hold onto those I love. you guys know who you are<br />
    I'm weird as they comee! I have random spazzes.<br />
    I wish I was tougher than I really am, sadly<br />
    I wish I was good at high jump. lol don't ask<br />
    I wish I could dance as good as some, or dance at all<br />
    Sometimes I wish things I regret,<br />
    But no lie, I absolutely love my life.<br />
    And (of course) every single person in it.<br />
    <br />
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