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    <br />
    Donate?!?!<3 <br />
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    My name is Bizy.<br />
    B-I-Z-Y... it's a name, not adjective.<br />
    I am 27 years old.<br />
    I've been on Gaia for a loooonngg time.<br />
    Not many people I know have seen my natural hair color.<br />
    I'm a freshman in college.<br />
    Majoring in Behavioral Science.
    <br />
    (Whoopsie, I dropped out! Lol!)<br />
    I now have a degree in Health Information Technology.<br />
    It is a useless degree.<br />
    Before you ask: I don't cyber or online date.<br />
    Cybering is pathetic and online dating is gay<br />
    I'm not gonna lie... I'm kind of a bitch.<br />
    If something I say offends you:<br />
    Stop being such a p*ssy.<br />
    <br />
    OMG! It's MissBizy IRL!<br />
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