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  • Artist Info: name: Jackson<br />
    nickname: Jack, Syn, call me whatever you like<br />
    how old are you: 16<br />
    zodiac sign: Sagittarius <br />
    current location: Earth.. USA.. Florida.. My house..<br />
    eye color: blue<br />
    hair color: black<br />
    hair type: straight, long<br />
    height: 6 foot 1<br />
    your heritage: not really sure<br />
    shoe's you wore today: converse<br />
    your fear: dying<br />
    have you ever ridden a mechanical bull: what kind of question is this..? But yes, I have<br />
    goal you would like to achieve this year: make it through the year<br />
    first thought when you wake up: why am I awake so early?<br />
    best physical feature: everything =P<br />
    who is your best friend: Ashley and Craig <3 <br />
    when is your bedtime: I have a bedtime? Since when?!<br />
    pepsi or coke: neither<br />
    McDonalds or burger king: neither <br />
    single or group dates: both are fun<br />
    what is the last song you listened to: Miles dont mean anything- Eye Alaska<br />
    does playing the guitar make a girl/guy more attractive: I guess? Not always. But it is pretty cool<br />
    what is your biggest pet peeve: people asking what? over and over again even though you dont want to answer. dont know if its really a pet peeve, but it pisses me off.<br />
    do you drink: not anymore really<br />
    ever been drunk: ya<br />
    do you smoke: not really anymore<br />
    do you sing: sometimes, but not usually<br />
    what color underwear do you have on: hmm. Blue I think<br />
    do you want to go to college: ya<br />
    have you ever been in love: think so<br />
    do you want to get married: someday<br />
    do you believe in yourself: depends<br />
    do you believe in others: I try to, but not all the time<br />
    do you like thunderstorms: I like the rain part, but not all the noise<br />
    do you play an instrument: not any really well<br />
    what do you want to be when you grow up: not sure yet<br />
    what country would you like to visit: everywhere. I want to travel all over the world<br />
    how many CDs do you own: A LOT<br />
    how many DVDs do you own: lots<br />
    how many tattoo's do you have: none yet. <br />
    how many piercings do you have: 2 earrings. Gonna get lip soon I think.<br />
    how many things in the past do you regret: nothing really. Everything in the past makes you who you are<br />
    FAVORITES <br />
    shoes: converse<br />
    radio station: does radio show count? The Buckethead show<br />
    drink: I like orange soda but dont drink it much. Usually just a water person<br />
    place: in the mountains.<br />
    song: The Art of Sharing Lovers- A Static Lullaby<br />
    movie: Iron Man<br />
    moment: warped tour XD good times. Prolly when we met A Skylit Drive. <br />
    color: black or red<br />
    meal: tacos<br />
    IN A GUY/GIRL<br />
    favorite eye color: blue<br />
    favorite hair color: blonde<br />
    short or long hair: long<br />
    height: not too short, but not as tall as me =P<br />
    body type: any<br />
    does ethnicity matter: not really<br />
    piercings: dont need to have, but theyre cool<br />
    tattoos: same as piercings <br />
    BED SIDE MANOR <br />
    do you think you are attractive: duh. haha<br />
    are you attracted to someone who does not know it: hmm.. maybe? Well, ya. Think so<br />
    would you like to be someones fantasy: I guess? Maybe? dont really care<br />
    do you kiss with your eyes closed or open: closed <br />
    a little or a lot of tongue: depends<br />
    older or younger: usually older. Or same age. Not too much younger<br />
    lights on/lights off or candle light: off<br />
    do you like to cuddle after: why not?<br />
    do you like to cuddle in general: who doesnt? <br />
    RIGHT NOW <br />
    what is todays date: August 17, 2009<br />
    what time is it: 11:11 (Ashley, pray! =P)<br />
    who are you thinking of: Ashley now XD <br />
    what are you listening to: God Wears Gucci- blessthefall<br />
    do you love someone: many people<br />
    do you know where your mechanical bull is: whats with this bull?! I think its in the kitchen<br />
    does someone love you: hopefully<br />
    is it raining: not yet. Soon. Hurricanes coming! Yay! And the rest of the storms coming!<br />
    how many gaia friends do you have: 63<br />
    are you happy: right now? Not really. But maybe soon. Hopefully. <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    If anyone wants to talk to me just leave a comment or PM. I like meeting new people, so don't hesitate. chao!
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