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  • Artist Info: Ohaii Gaia... :3<br />
    <br />
    I'm the kind of person you see who passes a 'Lost Dog' sign and pats her hair.<br />
    I have a weird way for talking. Using old words, using big words, or using nonsense words surprised <br />
    I have very random thoughts. But i tend to keep them in my head.<br />
    I can be pervertedly funny. Don't freak out and say 'Omigawd, molester' or 'rape'. It doesnt work like that ;D<br />
    I want what I can't have, all the time.<br />
    I'm into that whole witch craft thing<br />
    I LOVE my friends on Fanfiction.<br />
    I believe in supernatural things: Vampires, witches, ghosts, werewolves, shape shifters, gods and goddesses.<br />
    I'm a geek. I heart to read, snort when I laugh, drool on myself. Smarticle. Uh, oh yeah, I LOVE Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.<br />
    I can learn a song in less than a day.<br />
    I'm a big book worm. You'll see me checking out a gabajillion books at the library.<br />
    I'm a HUGE romance freak. I find lots of things romantic. You can prolly hear me squealing a mile away.<br />
    What's funny is that I like reading romantic things but I hate feeling the emotions. It makes me feel weak and vulnerable.<br />
    I heart to imagine thinks. Like me being a druid or drop dead gorgeous. Emphasis on dead..<br />
    I'm 13. I turn 14 this fall. Wish me a happy birthday, you'll get a poisoned cookie.<br />
    I suffer from paranoia and insomnia.<br />
    Some people think Screamo is not music. It is. I heart it<br />
    I sometimes have hellish moodswings<br />
    I love making LittleLifeLessons for people.<br />
    I don't consider myself human.<br />
    Some humans are vermin. Like the liars, cheaters, and backstabbers.<br />
    I hate being betrayed, disappointed, or rejected.<br />
    I don't do big crowds or small confined spaces<br />
    I enjoy writing from time to time<br />
    Photography amazes me.<br />
    I love plays.50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and some 90's music. I rock my rainbow socks<br />
    I have a fear of getting chased by dogs<br />
    I dunno why I'm writing all of this.<br />
    I have a sister. I call her The Flying Bear. She's weird. Like me.<br />
    I have an angry girl band, consisting of four people and one song. We are the silly sisters. We have a one hit wonder song. Note: Below.<br />
    I heart breaking out in random times. Like singing musical songs.<br />
    I HEART boys. smile Sk8ter dudes.<br />
    I'll heart anyone who can read all of this.<br />
    Grammar freak. I hate it when people message me like 'h3yy w45 Up gur1?' Uh...no. Just don't. It's very hard to understand. Don't even dare to send me a comment like that. I will delete it and maybe, possibly, you. Except if I know you and you have a letter/number syndrome or something...<br />
    I'm the kind of girl who would trash her ex-boyfriends house for cheating on her.<br />
    I'm very protective over my stuff. Like; my sister, writing, secrets, friends, and crushes.<br />
    I can't draw, sing or fight to save my life. Running, I can do.<br />
    I am a horrid liar.<br />
    I'm picky about music and food and people. They judge me. Too bad. I will not change.<br />
    I consider myself the funniest person in the world. People have told me I am not. Way to burst a bubble, DREAM.<br />
    Oh yeah. And my name is Caroline.
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