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  • Artist Info: Hello, You've reached me at.. T-O-R-M-3-G-A-I-A! Sorry I cannot answer profile right now, as it is not physically possible... So instead I will give you my life story! Well, Lets try part of my life and part of my Gaia life, and maybe even my quest! that work too? Well, if you insist!<br />
    <br />
    -Myself-<br />
    My name is Justin, I'm 18, and I cannot dance. I have blond hair, blue eyes, and slightly tan skin... Sadly I burn before I tan... I'm like, 5'10" though I've always said that, because I have no idea how tall I really am, and that sounds good! I weight like 150, give or take.. Dinner I suppose... I keep my awesome weight by staying on a strict diet of having a fast Metabolism! [Caution, doesn't work for everyone... consult your doctor...] Lets see.. lets see.. I do plan on going to college... after a year of work of course! Gotta pay for it somehow, and I already promised I'd cut it out with the man-whoring thing... Sooooo... Looks like it's a real job for me sad I have 2 dogs, 1 is cool, the other.. we're just gonna leave it at that... <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    -My Gaia-<br />
    I've been playing from way back in 04! (Good times those were.. Good times!) I played for about 2 years straight, like.. everyday type of straight... I was very well known! But then I decided to take a little break from gaia, which ended up lasting until recently, when I got back on after my 2 year break... Turns out some of my old items were worth A LOT, so yeah... I woohoo'd at that! I often hold Charity events, and other events... Normally, I used to post mainly in Chatterbox, but have now moved to the RP section known only as.. Barton Town! Not sure why, perhaps because I've matured from before, but now I find chatterbox rather boring, and RPs quite fun! I have many friends from the real world, which I have found out had gaia accounts [awesome to find out!] As well as have made many many friends over the past years! Lets see... I own my own guild! Purchased all by myself! [aren't I just so special....?] Before my 2 year break, it had been a thriving place for all people who just had stuff to say [Stuff which was normally freaking insane...] Which was and is Known as ~Name Hidden from stalkers!~ But now, after all these years, I have cleared it out, of posts and people, and started an RP in it! Hopefully it last quite a while!<br />
    <br />
    Well, thats about it for me.. Sure this looks like a long post in this tiny posting box it gives you for your profile, but once it stretches out, it'll look small I assume... So I suppose if that does happen, I'll just have to fill it up with more mindless rabble and pointless Filler, which everyone seems to love to read for some reason....<br />
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