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    <br />
    What to say, what to say? <br />
    Not much I don't suppose.<br />
    I'm 18 years old.<br />
    I've been on gaia for nearly 3 years.<br />
    Mystic_Mayhem was my very first account.<br />
    I guess I'm your typical nerd, cause I like a whole array of nerdy things. <br />
    Anime, video games, computer games and what not.<br />
    I love to rp, however I don't have a lot of time for it anymore.<br />
    T.T<br />
    Uh... I love animals, I have two rabbits, a pom-chi (designer dog/mutt), a cat and a rat.Don't know what else to say really....<br />
    I guess if you really wanna know something ask.<br />
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