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    If you'd like call me Mina, I'm asian, and was born in the state of Hawaii. <br />
    I LOVE anime and reading manga ! Some of my favorites are Chobits, Durarara!!, Clannad After Story, Soul Eater, and Toradora! <br />
    I love listening to music and drawing anime. c: <br />
    I'm also a hardcore gamer <br />
    If any of you actually want to try befriend me, the best way is to draw my avi and help me work on my little collection. <br />
    I love sweet things, and I can get lazy. I can be nice if I want to, even so, please don't piss me off. c: <br />
    I love getting comment or PMs, theres nothing much to talk to me about but if you'd like to start a conversation please do, and feel free to ask me any questions! <br />
    Also, thank you for visiting my profile~ <br />
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    Pixel Dollie by xXx_iSmexii boricua_xXxl
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