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  • Artist Info: So here's what I think you should know. I can be a very kind or cruel person depending on what I think about you and what's going on at the moment and I'll tell you just what I think whether it's good or bad and won't have a problem with it so just fair warning. Also I've been told that I'm a fairly decent poet on occasion. Here's an example: Time erases all. Life and death. Though try as we might it cannot and will not be stopped. All that will be left afterward shall be but mere memories and even those too will fade into the oblivion of times constant wave. But even though we may be overlooked and forgotten we must press on in the battle of life for whether we are remembered or not.It is what we did with what small amount of time we have been given that ourselves and others will be looking back on for comfort and joy when life is at its most bleak and unforgiving points.<br />
    - a poem by a boy<br />
    Okay that's it.
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