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    My name is marcel razz , im the ladies man but im not proud of it =( or am i? ._. , also i used to play "gaiaonline" 3 years ago, i stopped playing because i got banned sad , and lost like 100k on it lol, i had 3 other accounts their names are aka_Latino , akaim_Latino, aka123latino, i have a youtube link of some video i made, its in my personal website, um...i like anyone as long as they don't be mean &gt;.&lt;, i like wrestling but i don't believe its fake, i also play runescape, i'm a level 90 i don't play much any more lost interest razz , and i love GTA IV =D...<br />
    <br />
    ~~!!$RIP-AKA_Latinos-RIP$!!~~<br />
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