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  • Artist Info: lulz, well I sure am no little kid of 15 anymore!<br />
    I'm 19 now and a yaoi lover (like you didn't know....*points at avvie name*) ah well, I really liek it and I would love to draw some for you 3nodding 9if I liek the idea though xD I sorta am picky...sometimes.<br />
    well what about me...<br />
    nuuuh, my real name is kelly, I'm from the netherlands. I like ninjas, yaoi, puppies and kitties. oh and I love blooy anime like higurashi and stuff.<br />
    I might seem cute to you, but I'm more liek a yandere, or how you call it XD google it.<br />
    <br />
    cee u 'round
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