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  • Artist Info: "If there's a price for rotten judgement, i guess I've already won that"<br />
    <br />
    i'm complicated, i have mood swings and NEVER act my age. I act like i'm five, look like i'm twelve, dress like a hippie, and wear makeup like a clown. People like to confuse me with scene chicks but the jokes on them; i was just born in the wrong era. I wish i was born in the 20,40,50,60,70, or 80's, i would of had a blast as a flapper or weed head. "I'm something close to mellow and i don't follow the "hype";at home i'm a daughter but no one pays attention; being at home is a permanent detention, walking into my room is aggravated assault". I love to dance, sing, act, write, and put on makup. I feel very empowered and hyper when i'm in my pjs with a hair brush in my hand singing along to a favorite song ^^<br />
    I have had my share of bad friends and so far i've had a bestie who's simply amazing. 11.15.09<3 I love my best friend, were VERY blunt with each other, we don't keep things from each other and i love that i can honest with her and tell her if something happens, she won't judge me or yell at me, she'll laugh with me. She's really my other half, she's truly been their for me when i truly needed her and i'm so glad that she's apart of my life<br /><br />
    I'm very old fashion and don't find the need to be brought with things, i hate when people buy me things, just make me something, it seems more thoughtful. I like to explore and walk around rather then going to a movie, the world has SOOOO many wonders to offer than to just sit around and be a couch potato.<br />
    I feel very strongly about being yourself, i hate when people act a certain way or dress a certain way because they were told to or don't want be judged. first of all who gave the world the right to sit their and judge someone else, thats not our right. People kill me talking about someone looks weird or crazy or a freak, second of all who decided whats normal and whats not. let me break it down, people find things that they don't understand or dislike as weird. if they don't like something, they simply label it as weird and usually its because of a stereo type that people tend to dislike things.<br />
    when it comes to guys i'm sooooooox100000 old fashion. I like a guy who surprises me by picking me up from school or who's waiting at my house with a flower just to see me because he missed my smile, a guy who comes up behind me and covers my eyes and whispers something sweet in my ear. A guy who enjoys playing ps3 with me till 4am online, a guy who can sing with me when i acted retarded, someone to enjoy music as much as i do, and thats a big one for me. music is such a big impact in my life and i would like to have some to share that passion with. Also i would like a guy who is not afraid to hold my hand or kiss me in front of his friends, who sweet, charming, caring but knows how to handle my craziness biggrin I want someone who makes me feel grounded when i'm with them, someone i can do stupid shit with, like paint my face like a cat or play chunky monkey with <3 a guy who knows what he has and does't plan on leaving it. i want a guy who doesn't try to impress me, a guy who comes to my house with soup and medicine unexpected because i'm sick, a guy knocks on my door in the morning because he's come to make breakfast with me (cereal xD)<br />
    <br />
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