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  • Artist Info: Yeah, I have my crazy phases every now and then but I am very mature when it comes to racism, sexists, etc. I take a lot of things a little too seriously sometimes or don't take them serious enough. I am in middle school and in honor's english so I probably will be fixing your spelling/grammer errors a lot. smile My favorite animal is the wolf but I also adore wild cats. I am a hippie... razz I have 3 or 4 shirts with some form of peace on them but at school they call me a hippie sock for another one of my shirts that has a sock puppet on it... -_- Anyways! I think I'm pretty fun to hang around biggrin But that's my opinion... razz I love::: Sald Fingers, animals, sushi, seafood in general, barbeque, pizza, and greek mythology. I do give speeches if someone is racist or sexist and I will try to get people to shut up if they are racist/sexist. I am VERY much agaisnt these things and the in-breeding of tigers (Which is what makes white tigers, yeah, sad, I know... sad ). Anyways, I like to debate and like to make little projects a big epic project. I plan a lot and love to build/create things. I hope to become a zoologist after schooling and help the health of animals. I was Lady Macbeth in my elementary school play and loved everything about it; from the costumes to memorizing the lines. I also love the Twilight series and loved Alice's hair so much I have it like her's except a little longer... smile <br />
    <br />
    This is only a little bit about me and I hope I can be your friend smile razz
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