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  • Artist Info: HI, my name is Crystal. I'm 17 and i live somewhere ugly in Texas. i love music, drawing, reading and well the internet. i love video games, esspecially old ones, like the namco arcade. I'm a PAC-MAN FREAK!! and a huge fan of GALAGA!! lol uh... I'm also a huge BLINK 182 FAN and i love this band called Angels and Airwaves. i have a boyfriend and i'm pretty damn goofy.. uh...i like cartoons but dont spend alot of time in front of the television.there is such thing as love and i love my life no matter how fucked up.i like emo kids but i hate emo fags..figure the difference out for yourself.i like the idea of space of that anything is possible.. uh... if you need anything else add me i guess..well later..<br />
    btw i'm never on this thing and i hate myspace so none for me..if your a blink fan..find me on modlife..my user name is infinitelove..uh..yea that has got to it..hmmm bye<br />
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