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  • Artist Info: well um, i love cats, video games, purple, im 15, i have never gotten into a fist fight, and my personal best for holding my kitten bella is 7 minutes, and she is restless! i have played viola since 5th grade, in reality hate emo stuff, i have $250 bucks in my wallet,i love modern warfare 2, uncharted 2, rock band 2, little big planet, and fallout 3. i have a ps3 psp and a ds lite, i like linkin park,breaking benjamin and lots of other bands! i am obsessed with 1950's stuff and like to collect stuff! i am a pretty interesting character so ya! XD <br />
    i am gernerally happy but i hate it when people talk about their obcessions and when people slack off and screw up everything.DX I love it when people try to impress me and it fails and when random people try to be my friend :3
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