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    (more pictures of me)<br />
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    DeviantART ← Please go look! emotion_yatta <br />
    Name:: Casey. <br />
    Age:: I'll be 21 in May! =D <br />
    Sex:: Female, duh! lol. <br />
    Stuff You Sould Know About Me:: I Model a little in my home town, The Pictures above are from the shoot I just did =)<br />
    I play Guitar and sing just a little. I'm a Tomboy, always have been. I love music, music is my life! I'm slowly getting in to drawing, on Paper and on Paint.Net on my laptop. <br />
    I got a Bamboo Tablet for Christmas!!! xd <br />
    YouTube! ← My YouTube Channel, It has videos from the Concerts I've seen. Go Look! emotion_awesome <br />
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