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  • Artist Info: Girl. straight. Indifferent to most. Blondish hair.* From the <br />
    U.S.A; please get me out of here. Europe or Bust! I am of <br />
    average size. Please comment responsibly. Please. No swears <br />
    directed at me or my friends. Most likely I want you to be one. A <br />
    friend I mean. Everyone is welcome. Welcome and bienvenue, welcome. <br />
    <br />
    Fun Facts about me: <br />
    I detest socks<br />
    I love talking with an accent<br />
    I randomly break out into song when a lyric is <br />
    accidently quoted <br />
    I hate red roses (so cliche) <br />
    I like the show Host Club. A lot.<br />
    I like red hair <br />
    I like spagetti westerns (no John Wayne) <br />
    I love Mel Brooks movies<br />
    My favorite store is Bella Donna (even though it's more of a <br />
    boutique) <br />
    I actully enjoy the cookie part of a fortune cookie <br />
    I'm terrible at French <br />
    I'm strong but vunerable<br />
    I'm not bitter I'm unsweetened<br />
    I love greek gods [fav is Artemis] and Latin<br />
    I like to write
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